Bitcoin virtual currency deals for more than $ 10,000 in Zimbabwe By the beginning of 2017, Bitcoin has grown spectacularly to over $ 6,000. However, in Zimbabwe, the currency was traded at record highs of over $ 10,000 in just over a week on the Golan trading floor in Harare, CNN said. "Bitcoin prices have skyrocketed and will continue to increase," Goluka's Yeukai Kusangaya said. She forecasts a sharp increase in demand will push up the price of virtual currency. In Zimbabwe, virtual currency Bitcoin is no longer just for the masses, it is becoming increasingly popular, even paid for by many companies. Zimbabwe's currency crisis has also created the ideal environment for Bitcoin. Major inflation forced President Robert Mugabe to replace the dollar with Zimbabwean dollars. However, the South African country now faces a shortage of dollars, which has forced banks to restrict withdrawals. The government must find a way to make up for this shortfall by issuing "bonds" and converting them into dollars. However, the value of this "bond" also dropped dramatically in the "black market" and was not accepted by foreign suppliers. Commodity prices continue to climb. Meanwhile, stringent controls have made international trade more difficult, forcing importers to find new solutions, including the use of virtual currency. "Because it is not controlled by the central bank, Bitcoin has become a salvage destination for importers," said Zigabwe's technology analyst Nigel Gambanga, adding that more and more businesses are accepting. This type of virtual currency payment. Serious inflation makes the currency of Zimbabwe worthless - Photo: CNN. Serious inflation has made the currency of Zimbabwe "worthless" - Photo: CNN. "When people lose confidence in their local currency due to monetary policy or political instability, Bitcoins often become 'storm bays' because their value is completely fluctuating according to the market," said Nolan Bauerle CoinDesk researcher, said. However, if Bitcoin prices continue to rise, the Zimbabwean government may put pressure on the virtual currency market. Still, some say the government may take a more active role in Bitcoin, or at least acknowledge it through a number of regulations, analyst Gambanga said. The analyst has even identified Bitcoin as the official currency in Zimbabwe. "Zimbabwe has extremist measures such as banning the import of fruit, so it is not unlikely that the introduction of Bitcoin into Zimbabwe's basket of currencies." How should you behave with Bitcoin? The story of FPT University's announcement of tuition fees by Bitcoin makes the debate around the currency symbolized BTC is becoming hot. Following that statement, the State Bank has affirmed that the saying no to Bitcoin is the currency, a means of payment, and will severely punish, from 150-200 million. Dr. Le Truong Tung, Chairman of FPT University, also said that the school has not yet implemented the collection, but with the move from the State Bank, the school will "set up a research group on Bitcoin". Bitcoin is a new issue in the digital economy that a college of technology training is indifferent to, so research, testing ... especially in the 4.0 era. "Passing the message to students about being able to use Bitcoin as a tool to pay for their tuition is one step closer to the technological phenomenon - finance to study and learn about it." he said. Bitcoin rallies to another record high of $ 6,900 Bitcoin hit another all-time high Wednesday evening, surpassing $ 6,900 for the first time. The cryptocurrency has had a bullish streak throughout the week following the CME's announcement that it will introduce bitcoin futures contracts. According to data from CoinDesk, the virtual currency reached an all-time high of $ 6,922 at about 9:36 p.m. ET. A surge in the value of the coin's worth see the total value of all cryptocurrencies top $ 188 billion for the first time Wednesday. The market cap of bitcoin alone is currently $ 115 billion, according to data from industry website Coinmarketcap. CME bitcoin futures On Tuesday, the CME Group, the world's largest derivatives operator, said it would introduce bitcoin futures contracts. The introduction of such a product could bring more institutional investors into the market. Analysts believe this has been boosting the price. CME said its bitcoin futures contract would be cash-settled and based on the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR), launched in November last year with the London-based online trading platform Crypto Facilities. The currency's currency has risen almost 600 percent since the beginning of the year. Bitcoin was trading at $ 6,944.90 at 2:49 a.m. ET, according to CoinDesk. Bitcoin soared above $ 6,900 despite strong regulatory scrutiny from the Securities and Exchange Commission on ICOs Capture.PNG Bitcoin blew past $ 6,900 Wednesday after the Securities and Exchange Commission warned investors about certain cryptocurrency-based fundraising efforts. The red-hot digital currency traded at an all-time high of $ 6,916 per coin, according to Market Insider data, on Wednesday. The rally followed by a price spike triggered by the announcement of the potential launch of a bitcoin-linked financial product by exchange giant CME on Tuesday. Coin is up more than 550% n?y. The upward march continues Wednesday evening with a warning by the SEC about the initial coin offerings, and the red-hot fundraising method. ICOs, according to finite analytics firms Autonomous NEXT, have raised more $ 2 billion this year. A number of celebrities from champion boxer Floyd Mayweather to Paris Hilton have supported ICO projects in recent months. But the SEC said Wednesday that such endorsements do not mean that such investments are sound. Here's the agency (emphasis theirs): "Celebrities, from movie stars to professional athletes, can be found on TV, radio, and social media endorsing a great variety of products and services - sometimes even investment opportunities. It is suitable for all investors. It is never a good idea to make an investment decision just because someone famous says a product or service is a good investment. " The SEC added that some celebrities endorsers may not be educated on the investment opportunities they promote. Here's the SEC: Investors should note that celebrity endorsements may appear unbiased, but instead may be part of a paid promotion. Investment decisions should not be based solely on an endorsement by a promoter or other individual. To ensure that the investment is appropriate and in compliance with federal securities laws. " A number of countries, including China, have deemed ICOs illegal because startups have used the method to raise money without disclosing substantive information to investors. Khi CHI bI?U BANKS trong th?ng hai, bitcoin v? to?n b? cryptocurrency th? di v?o m?t tailspin. Still, ICOs run on different networks than bitcoin. The SEC provided its first guidance on ICOs in July. The financial watchdog said ICOs can sometimes be considered securities - and as such are subject to strict laws and regulations.